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Own production

Vertical integration is an important concept for Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings. Not only is it efficient, it is also cost effective and easy for the client.


Our first production plant
Vanaton is our first prefabricated concrete factory built in Vanatorii Mici, Romania. Due to its location in the centre of Romania and next to A1 motorway that links the North to the South, we keep both product delivery times and costs to a minimum.

Own production

What Vanaton produces
The factory started its production in April 2020 and the product range consists mainly of reinforced concrete columns, beams and panels which we use on our own projects.  Although we try produce standardised beams and columns that fit our most efficient construction techniques, we are not limited to the standards.  Vanaton can produce the most diverse shapes, thus do not hesitate to contact us and we can help you.

Knowledge and experience

Our expertise is our strength

The factory is fitted with the newest and most modern pieces of equipment that are operated by a young and dynamic team managed by a very experienced factory manager.  

Construction plans?

We are happy to help you with all your questions and also with cost estimations. Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities. 

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