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About Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings

Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings is an established value in the industry. The know-how, experience and services are the foundation of the family business. Whether you choose a project based on precast concrete or a metal construction, the result is always a beautiful, sustainable and robust building that holds its value.
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The power of a multinational, the heart of a family business

Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings may already be a solid and vast company, but the DNA of a family business remains to this day. This translates into a more personal approach, short communication lines, client-oriented advice and customised guidance. Involvement and trust are the foundations of our successful cooperation.

The importance of a promise

The success of Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings has two basic principles. Firstly, we completely focus on precast concrete as a building material, which results in our unique expertise. Secondly, producing the structural elements in our own factories makes us independent of external suppliers. That's why you can entrust us with the entire construction project and we guarantee quality work completed within budget and on schedule.

Vertical integration

From design, engineering and production of all precast concrete elements to transport and installation, Willy Naessens Group performs all essential aspects of the process in-house. The advantages of this are the guarantee of a structurally safe and aesthetic construction in precast concrete and the convenience of a single point of contact throughout the entire process: Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings.

The beginning

We start with step 0 because we think about the project together from the beginning. A construction process starts well before the first earthwork. From the very first contact until delivery, your requirements are the heart of this process. Our experts are happy to think along with you and provide a clearly defined plan and design that meets your expectations. Since our entire process is done in-house, we will be quick in providing you with an initial price and schedule.

In-house design department

Our internal design department identifies your needs and creates a design that fits seamlessly with our production facilities and the method of construction. You can count on us to deliver an aesthetic result within a competitive budget.

In-house engineering department

Thanks to our experience with and specialisation in precast concrete elements, we are able to efficiently dimension each construction element and optimise it according to the method of construction and the logistics on the construction site. The optimisation of your construction project is in good hands with our engineers.

In-house production

All precast concrete elements used by Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings are produced in-house, by companies of the Willy Naessens Group. The various factories focus on a specific precast concrete element in order to guarantee the quality of their products. Thanks to the wide variety of products, we are able to answer to the most diverse questions and needs, which means that the schedule remains unchanged.

In-house earthwork

It is important that earthwork and foundation works are carried out properly, because they literally are the foundation of your construction. We also include these activities in our vertical integration, in order to ensure the desired end result and to keep costs under control.

In-house installation

The installation of the precast elements contributes significantly to the quality of the building. Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings has both competent precast installation teams and modern machinery (assembly cranes, cradle elevators, etc.) Quality and rapid execution are key.

In-house after-sales service

After completion you are the owner of your custom-made building. But even now, Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings remains at your side. You can rely on our services for alterations or for maintenance of your building.

Construction plans?

We are happy to help you with all your questions and also with cost estimations. Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities. 

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