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Timing is everything!

Once the planning has been drawn up, the most important thing is yet to come: the qualitative implementation within the set deadlines. Our experienced project managers monitor this from the assignment to the provisional delivery and guide you through the construction process. Commitment and trust are the building blocks of our successful collaboration.

Due to the vertical integration within the Willy Naessens Group, each link is perfectly aligned with each other in order to create an optimal organization. The entire construction process is managed by one party. We do not act as a coordination agency, but realize your project with our own people. This means a guarantee for you as a client of high quality and tight planning.

 “A word is a word” and that translates into the more than 8,500 references that Willy Naessens Industriebouw has produced. A good example of this is the Matco project. This Waregem chemical company was hit by a serious fire without injuries. They called on Willy Naessens Industriebouw's total approach and after 12 months after the start of the construction works, Matco was back operational.