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Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings

With over 9,000 projects completed, Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings is the market leader in the construction of Industrial buildings. These are developed according to your specific requirements. Willy Naessens carries out every step of the process in-house. As a client, you will reap the full benefits of this vertical integration.


Why build with us?

Unique working methods

When you choose to work with us, “custom-made” is no meaningless tag line. From the first contact until the project completion, your requirements are our number one priority. 

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Years of experience

Experts in any field gain their knowledge and experience and share it with you.

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Vertical integration

We have our own engineering department, own concrete factory, etc. Everything is under the same roof and the same quality label

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Expert in concrete

Precast concrete comes directly from our own factory, which only brings you advantages in terms of quality, price and scheduling.

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We build for?

Achievements in the spotlight

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Interested in our job openings?

At Willy Naessens Industrial Buildings, we are always looking for motivated people to strengthen our team. People who want to roll up their sleeves and work with their colleagues to build something.

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Willy Naessens Romania - Inspiring the future

Willy Naessens Romania - Inspiring the future

On 25 January, Willy Naessens Romania was awarded at the Belgian Embassy in Bucharest by the Belgian Luxembourg Romanian Moldovan Chamber of Commerce for its efforts to deliver greener, more sustainable and forward-looking projects to our clients.

Willy Naessens Group further expands its transport division

Willy Naessens Group further expands its transport division

As a result of the growth and internationalisation of the group's construction activities, further expansion of our transport department was necessary. Construction sites need to be supplied according to the just-in-time principle, so organising and carrying out construction transport is one of the core activities within our group.

Acquisitie FB Groupe

Willy Naessens Group strengthens its position as market leader through the acquisition of FB Group - Luxembourg

The Willy Naessens Group has reached an agreement with the Luxembourg company FB Group to acquire 100% of its shares. The Belgian industrial manufacturer thus strengthens its position in Europe. FB Group, formerly Echolux, is a manufacturer of prefabricated concrete slabs, both prestressed and reinforced.

Willy is celebrating his 82nd birthday!


Timing is everything!

Once the planning has been drawn up, the most important thing is yet to come: the qualitative implementation within the set deadlines. Our experienced project managers monitor this from the assignment to the provisional delivery and guide you through the construction process. Commitment and trust are the building blocks of our successful collaboration.

Fire safety

Fireproof building with concrete

Fire safety in office construction, industrial construction and utility construction is ubiquitous today. The importance of a fire-safe construction is increasingly being put forward by governments, insurance companies and builders. The realization that living, working and living must take place in safe conditions is paramount.

Construction plans?

We are happy to help you with all your questions and also with cost estimations. Contact us and together we will look at the possibilities. 

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